The crypto bull market is raging with the approval of Bitcoin ETF in the United States. Institutional investors have been pouring money heavily into the cryptocurrency industry after this news. This historic milestone has ushered in a spectacular bull run, with bullish conditions favouring virtually every coin. pushing the total market cap into the trillions and igniting a new altcoin bull season.

And you know what that means – it’s peak season for red-hot meme coins! In this bull run, one unexpected project is rapidly separating itself from the pack with a very realistic shot at hitting a coveted $1 price milestone: BEFE coin.

While household names like PEPE and Shiba Inu are capping out due to their tokenomic constraints, BEFE’s powerful fundamentals could propel it far beyond the $1 mark that its competitors can only dream of.

BEFE’s Legitimate Path to $1 and Beyond

PEPE has a market cap of $3B+ and 420.6 Trillion of token supply and Shiba Inu has a massive 589 TRILLION circulating supply with a market cap of $14B whereas BEFE has a fixed lower supply of only $100B and current rational valuation of only $52.41M, BEFE simply has way more upside potential than PEPE and Doge. 

What Makes BEFE Special?

The unfair advantage BEFE has in comparison to other meme coins is its backing from the formidable Bitgert ecosystem. This strategic partnership not only lends credibility but also unlocks unique utility for BEFE holders, allowing them to earn more BEFE by staking BRISE tokens.

Thanks to this combination of powerful tokenomics, a concrete use case roadmap, and a committed community, BEFE has a very legitimate shot at its $1 target from today’s $0.0005241 price. At $1, its market cap would be around $105B – just 2000X from its current valuation.

The Shiba Inu Dilemma 

Shiba Inu’s path to a $1 valuation is virtually impossible due to its 589 TRILLION circulating supply. For Shiba to reach $1, it would require an incomprehensible $589 TRILLION market cap which will become more than the total US Economy as of today.

The Takeaway: Load the BEFE Bags!

As always, crypto investing requires thorough research and risk management. But for those investors seeking an asymmetric bet, BEFE’s potential to hit $1 and far beyond utterly trumps the unrealistic ceilings of PEPE and Shiba’s tokenomics constraints. As per analysts’ predictions, BEFE is set to touch the $1 Mark by the end of 2024.

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