Play to Earn Done Right – The Future of Crypto Gaming

Since the dawn of the gaming era many gamers have dreamed of making money from their hobby and of course their passion for games. Although it’s been possible for the lucky few, this has never been a  possibility for the masses. A unique and innovative crypto gaming project called Neoxa makes this long craved dream a reality for gamers while also providing incentives for investors and miners alike. Join us while we take a dive to the depths of this project!

2. Let’s paint the current state of the gaming experience

Jane is a talented and skilled gamer who spends countless hours on a daily basis honing her skills in a game that she really likes and enjoys. Despite the fact that the gaming industry provides immense entertainment for her and many others, she is faced with a real-world challenge that many gamers like Jane struggle with globally.

Currently, there is no avenue for her to monetize her gaming experience that does not require her to make significant sacrifices. Although the gaming industry as a whole provides some avenues for monetization of game time – like Esports. It is still out of reach for many gamers like Jane. To the ones with keen eyes it’s clear that there’s a missing mechanism for players like Jane to derive tangible rewards for their expertise and dedication.

The solution

Neoxa is a crypto gaming project that provides a solution to this problem. Neoxa introduces a Play2Earn model that seamlessly integrates gaming with crypto. The innovative concept enables gamers to earn coins effortlessly without front up money and while enjoying their favorite games.This tackles the limitations of traditional gaming. All by providing a platform where players can not only indulge in their passion but also derive financial rewards.

2.  So, what is Neoxa?

Neoxa is a Proof of Work L1 blockchain that started as a fork of a Raven Coin with asset capabilities, and KawPow as its consensus mechanism. Later Neoxa forked into Dash code while retaining asset layer and KawPow algorithm (ASIC resistant) from Raven Coin. With the fork to Dash Neoxa also introduced Dash features like masternodes, instant and private send.

While Neoxa allows gamers to earn $NEOX seamlessly while playing and transforming gaming into a lucrative endeavor, it’s not all what Neoxa is about!

With the above mentioned in mind it’s clear that Neoxa is building an ecosystem which also offers the perfect environment for developers, investors, miners, gamers and streamers alike.

Some key points are:

  1. Total supply 21B
  2. Circulating supply 4B
  3. Blocksize 5000 and blocktime 60sec with 4 year halvings
  4. Block distribution 45% Miners, 45% Smartnodes, 5% development, 5% gamers.

See also Neoxa Chain Stats.

3.  Passive Income via SmartNodes (MasterNodes)

Like mentioned above, the platform leverages Smartnodes, a technology derived from Dash’s Masternodes.This enhances the blockchain’s functionality, efficiency and security. Smartnodes play a crucial role in ensuring stability and reliability of the blockchain but are also poised to provide important utility in the future. For example rentable game servers.

1 000 000 $NEOX is required to run a single smartnode, as well as a good connection with 1 public static IP, 80GB SSD, 4GB Ram and 2 cores. If you have the needed hardware and IP, you can set one yourself. The easy route to set up a Neoxa SmartNode is to use a node hosting provider like or, where setting a SmartNode is very easy. Once the SmartNode is set up, it is rewarded with a 45% share of the block assigned to that smartnode. Creating an interesting possibility for passive income.

With the technicalities out of the way let’s dive yet one level deeper into the mechanisms of Neoxa. Most notably Play2Earn, Stream2Earn, Marketplace, GamingPortal and of course lastly the $NEOX burning mechanisms.

4. Play to Earn and Stream to Earn

Play to Earn

Neoxa has seamlessly integrated its platform into already popular games, such as Rust, Dota2, GTA FiveM and Fortnite.Players can actively accumulate $NEOX coins as they progress in the games.

Integrating an available game into the Neoxa ecosystem is simple for gamers and it is done through Neoxas own GamingPortal.

This integration provides gamers with a dual experience:

  1. Enjoying their favorite titles
  2. Earning tangible rewards in the form of $NEOX

While other Play2Earn models require an upfront investment, it’s important to note that this isn’t required in Neoxa, making it available for masses. While providing an onramp for those new to crypto. Because there is no investment required. The value of the coin is maintained via different means, mainly by the burning mechanism.

Gaming however should not be viewed as a main source of income, but an addition to benefit from the time spent for gaming. For income, mining or SmartNodes provide a better solution. From the point of view of an investor Play2Earn and Stream2Earn should be viewed more as a marketing tool to help in the adoption of the ecosystem.

To encourage fun and fair gameplay. Neoxa has created an algorithm based point system that rotates and changes. What tasks or actions give how many points are kept secret. This is done for few reasons;

  1. To encourage players to play the games they way they are designed to be played.
  2. Prevent the abuse of the system.

This brings some peace of mind for stakeholders and ensures the longevity of the project. More notably when Neoxa integrates a game such as Fortnite into its ecosystem. Neoxa makes sure to to be in compliance with End User License Agreement (EULA). This is done by carefully reading through the EULA after which the game publisher is contacted to make sure planned actions are in compliance.

Stream to Earn

Stream2Earn is integrated via similar means such as games and is accessible to everyone via GamingPortal. Stream2Earn has an algorithm similar to the one of gaming. This program rewards content creators for active streaming. Participants must engage actively, create original content and adhere to guidelines.Cheating, including restreaming & artificial inflation, is strictly prohibited. This ensures integrity and a positive community experience.

Currently Stream2Earn is available only for Twitch, but Neoxa is exploring possibilities for YouTube and TikTok integration as well.

5. Gaming Portal and Marketplace

GamingPortal is currently a web page available at Neoxa’s website. It’s the central hub for linking games into the Neoxa ecosystem. Here gamers will link their gaming account to their payout addresses. This ensures gamers and streamers alike will receive $NEOX for their actions.

GamingPortal also shows necessary stats that gamers can follow making it an easy way for players to check their stats. In Addition to this GamingPortal has its own explorer where every transaction is visible making it very transparent.

Moreover GamingPortal also has a marketplace.It offers users the opportunity to utilize $NEOX for purchasing coveted in-game items. Each item bought triggers a coin-burning mechanism, reducing the overall $NEOX supply. This innovative design contributes to the scarcity and long-term value of $NEOX with close to 5 million Neoxa already burned by the marketplace and over 42 million as total.

Later on with the arrival of SDK, game publishers can create an asset into Neoxa chain and implement their asset as P2E into their own game making Neoxa available for developers as well. This asset can then be traded for Neoxa on the upcoming asset and NFT exchange. Upon creation of an asset Neoxa is burned.

This creates a dynamic and rewarding gaming ecosystem transforming crypto gaming as a whole!

6. Burning Mechanism

$NEOX has a unique mechanism within its marketplace and this deserves more attention. While for some games marketplace is possible (currently available only for Rust). Not all games can be integrated into the marketplace and a different approach is needed.

For games such as Dota2 and Fortnite a passive burn mechanism was created. This allows integration of games that can’t be added into the marketplace. Passive burn means that gamers are rewarded based on their actions like explained above but % coins paid out are burned until a set amount is reached. This also reduces the overall coin supply and improves the whole tokenomics.

One less known burning mechanism comes in the form of monetization ads. Where revenue created from ads is used to buy Neoxa of the market and on a percentage (Not yet known) basis part of it is burned and part of it can be used for marketing. Rest is redistributed for gamers allowing the addition of games and growth of the models mentioned above. In Fact this mechanism is already active on GamingPortal where users view ads. Later on Neoxa plans to implement this same feature into games where it is possible.

7. Roadmap

It is always great to look into the future and see what is being planned. Here is Neoxa roadmap in no particular order:

  • More Stream2Earn platforms
  • An aggressive marketing push
  • Launch Asset/NFT Exchange
  • Diversify with new games
  • SDK development for more game integrations
  • Smartnode development for added utility.

See also the Neoxa Whitepaper.

8. Conclusion

Neoxa – $NEOX presents a compelling intersection of crypto and gaming, offering a Play2Earn and Stream2Earn model that transforms gaming into a lucrative venture. While providing incentives for investors and miners alike.

With its unique features Neoxa demonstrates a commitment to innovation in the crypto gaming space.

Now gamers like Jane can have an avenue of their own from which to grow and participate into the world of crypto.

Join the Future of Crypto Gaming


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