XRP Power: Trader Turns $20K into $1.7M, Credits XRP for Life-Altering Opportunity

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On Tuesday, the price of XRP increased to a peak of $0.6685 before declining to $0.6410. Following the recent surge in Bitcoin, the price of Ripple looks to be trending upward and has managed to hold above the psychologically significant level of $0.60.

On-chain data indicates that huge wallets, which have amassed XRP since the beginning of March, appear to be the driving force behind the recent Ripple surge. Retail merchants, meanwhile, seem to be profiting from the recent price surge.

Fous’s revelation coincides with a period of general pessimism regarding Ripple due to its recent underperformance in comparison to its competitors. A user on the X platform, intrigued by his disclosure, asked Fous if he still had the Ripple he had last year. Fous has not yet replied to this query as of the time of publication. In addition, a sarcastic reviewer said that XRP altered his life and that he used the money he saved to invest in other coins with promising performance.

XRP Success Story

A seasoned trader with more than 20 years of experience recently talked about how he rose from Ripple’s modest beginnings to become a millionaire in the cryptocurrency world. “Wolf Principles” author Cameron Fous revealed how XRP helped him make significant profits and break into the crypto billionaire club. In a recent article on X, Fous provided further details about his experience with Ripple and answered questions on his early profits in the cryptocurrency market.

He got back into cryptocurrency trading after a buddy advised him to buy XRP in late 2019, when the price of Ripple had dropped significantly. Fous disclosed that he joined the market at $0.2 for XRP.

Later on, the asset appreciated to $1, which turned his $20K investment into $100K. This happened as a result of his $20K purchase of XRP at $0.2, which increased in value to $100K when Ripple hit $1. This story fits with the chart data, which shows that from November to December 2019, Ripple traded between $0.1750 and $0.2320.

Remarkably, by April 2021, XRP had risen above $1, peaking at $1.96 during the spike. Fous stated that he made other investments with the $100,000 he received from his Ripple investment. He asserted that after 420 days of trading several cryptocurrencies, the value of his portfolio shot up to $1.7 million.